Wickedbone is a smart bone on wheels for entertaining man’s best friend

Give a dog a bone
03 May 2018 / 11:16BST
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Dogs love to play, but you might not feel like humouring your pooch after a long, tiring day at work, instead preferring to faff about with technology while slumped on the sofa. Wickedbone (from AU$89) keeps everyone happy. This little bone-shaped robot darts about the place in Drive Mode, responding to your digits controlling it through a connected app. And if even that feels like too much effort, Interactive Mode gives you four hours of AI-oriented dog baiting. If the dog runs, Wickedbone sets off in hot pursuit. If the dog chases, Wickedbone flees. And if the dog ignores Wickedbone, it starts teasing them until they play. No information, however, if when the dog gets annoyed and starts gnawing Wickedbone with its teeth the little robot starts howling “please don’t eat me”. Perhaps that’s a stretch goal.

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