SMARTBUNCH is a modular system for creating home lighting from illuminated custom 3D forms

Designer lamp
18 April 2018 / 18:00BST
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Even the smartest of smart lights tend to be rigid in nature. Sure, you can turn on your ceiling light from across the room, but what happens when you want more light, less light, or the light to be elsewhere? The creators of SMARTBUNCH (from £60) think they’ve hit on a solution, largely through dumping a bunch of triangular LED lighting units in your mitts. These snap together and can be combined into whatever shape you fancy. With the basic pack, you can create a quick pyramid, but ramp up your pledge to £225 and you get 20 triangles, for creating all manner of illuminated angular creations you can dangle from a ceiling fixture, or shuffle across the table like a decidedly unstealthy creature from your own personal no-budget sci-fi flick.

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