The Cyclone V10 sucks so well that Dyson is done developing corded cleaners

No more plug-in vacuum cleaners in the pipeline now this handheld beast has arrived
06 March 2018 / 15:00GMT
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Tripping over cables when you're spring cleaning will no officially be a thing of the past - or it will if you buy a new Dyson vacuum, anyway. The Cyclone V10 is a cordless vac so effective at gobbling up dirt and dust, bagless pioneer James Dyson reckons he's now officially done developing full-size machines. It's all thanks to an uprated V10 motor, which weighs half as much as the outgoing V8 but manages 20% more suction. It spins at a whopping 125000rpm - that's the kind of rotation you'd expect from a hydro-electric power plant, not a handheld vacuum cleaner. It's rocking 14 teensy cyclones, miniaturised down from Dyson's full size machines, is light enough to wield like a dirt-banishing magic wand, and has enough battery for 60 minutes of sucking - so you'll be able to tackle the whole house on a single charge, without needing to ice your wrist afterwards. It'll be launching this month, direct from Dyson, in three varieties: the £400 V10 Animal, the £450 V10 Absolute and the £500 V10 Total Clean.

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