Meet the music system that gets right to the point

Dynaudio’s Music 3 does away with faff so you can hear beautiful music, faster

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We now have instant access to just about all the recorded music in the world. Crikey. It’s a responsibility, isn’t it? When you can listen to anything, you often find yourself listening to nothing. This is the problem Dynaudio Music 3 is designed to tackle. Through Music Now, an algorithm that hooks up to TIDAL and learns your listening habits, this intelligent music system can generate a bespoke playlist filled with tunes you want to hear at the tap of a preset. That’s right, presets – like an old-school radio. The Music 3 has five of them, each of which take you straight to the ‘right’ thing, whether it’s Music Now, an album, a favourite song or an internet radio station. There’s more cleverness besides: RoomAdapt automatically optimises the Music 3’s sound for whatever space it’s in, while NoiseAdapt monitors ambient sound to ensure the music is always clear and dynamic. It’s not a speaker; it’s an 8-hour-battery-powered, aptX Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and AirPlay’d-up ingenio-box, all wrapped in Danish cloth.

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