The 20 best movies to stream on Now TV

UPDATED! Sky's streaming service is packed with wonderful movies - here are the ones you should watch first

If you're seeking a streaming service focused on movies, it's not Amazon Prime or Netflix that deserves your attention - it's Now TV.

Sky's cord-cutter service is far better-served with newer, bigger-name films than either of its main rivals, with at least one new movie being added every day to an already-huge collection.

The sheer size of that collection means it's not always easy to immediately find something to watch though (y'know, the paralysis of choice, and so on). Which is where we come in. The Stuff team has picked out a selection of must-see cinematic masterpieces, so the next time you're settling down for an evening on the sofa, you can conserve your brainpower for picking the right snacks rather than the right movie.



Why can't all teen comedies could be as funny, pacy and ultimately life-affirming as Superbad, which manages to juggle all the tropes of the genre (partying, sex, friendship) without feeling hackneyed or bloated?

It's ninety minutes of proof that parties are sources of never-ending angst. You need someone over the age limit to buy the booze – your high school friend with an ID that reads "McLovin" will do. You’ve got to impress the girls – Seth works out that headbutting them in the face works a charm. And in American movies, there’s always the chance the cops will show up – we just wish all of them were as warped as Bill Hader and Seth Rogen.

Watch Superbad on Now TV

Captain America: Civil War


If you’re going to only watch one of the 85 Marvel superhero movies released in the past few years, it might as well be Civil War. Ostensibly the third instalment in the Captain America franchise, it features such an insanely vast cast of costumed characters that it’s more a de facto third Avengers movie – albeit one in which the crew spends more time fighting each other than the real bad guy.

The sheer glut of Marvel movies might feel like too much, but if you’re in the mood for some conventional big budget entertainment, Civil War has the requisite booms, bangs and bombast (not to mention a bit of much-needed levity).

Watch Captain America: Civil War on Now TV

A History of Violence


When Viggo Mortensen's diner owner defends himself and his staff against a couple of thugs, his life takes a whole new turn – but is he hiding something about his former existence from his family and friends?

On paper, this is a simple thriller about how events can quickly shatter small town American life, but watch it with any sort of deft eye and its subversive nature becomes crystal clear. We shouldn’t be surprised, being that it’s directed by David Cronenberg, one of modern cinema’s greatest mavericks, but it’s not often a film so cleverly explores our conflicted attitudes towards violence.

Watch A History of Violence on Now TV

American Beauty


Before his current role steering the James Bond series, former theatre director Sam Mendes made his big screen debut helming this unconventional drama – which went on to win no fewer than six Oscars, cement Kevin Spacey as one of the best actors of his generation, and ensure none of us ever looked at a discarded plastic bag in the same way again.

A bleakly comic examination of contemporary life, American Beauty shines its spotlight on the suburbs – a place of crushing conformity, banality and superficiality that, in certain moments, still remains capable of exhibiting the pure beauty that lies below it all.

Watch American Beauty on Now TV

The Witch


A spooky forest, an aggressive goat called Black Phillip, creepy twins, missing babies and failed harvests – The Witch could hardly tick more classic horror boxes if it tried.

Ye olde worlde dialogue will put some off but it fuels the feeling of authenticity and adds to the unshakeable sense of otherworldliness. If you’re looking for jumps go elsewhere but if you see a creepier film this year we’d like to know about it.

Watch The Witch on Now TV